4-7 Years Old

Spark Studio

Spark Studios offer a safe, caring, and warm environment where young children thrive.

The studios are arranged by learning areas

  • Building and design, dramatic play, computers, manipulatives, language, math, science, art, library, and writing.

  • The daily schedule and routines include a balance of indoor and outdoor activity time with plenty of time to play, which by the way, we feel is super important to a child’s development.

  • Children are encouraged to think, reason, question, develop ideas, experiment and problem solve, as well as make choices and display independence.

  • Kindness and developing good character is a cornerstone in all we do.

  • The sound of children’s laughter, the joy of discovery, and a sense of pride in one’s accomplishments are celebrated. Whether unearthing dinosaur bones buried in the sandbox, blending letter sounds to read the first word, navigating the challenges of friendship or learning to identify and express emotions, at Acton Academy Mesilla Valley, the intellectual, social and emotional life of each child is honored.

Mixed-Age Studio

Montessori studios include mixed ages and mixed skill-levels. Peer learning is encouraged as the little ones learn from observing their older friends, and the older children solidify their understanding by sharing with younger peers.

Learning Environment

  • Field trips and guest presenters to extend learning beyond the classroom.

  • Outdoor space with playground, open grass area, and community garden

  • Learner led PE with different activities every week.

  • No homework or frequent testing.

  • Fun and enriching family activities to foster a strong school community.

This is 21st Century Learning

Core Skills

Self-paced mastery of reading, writing, and math skills through deliberate practice and the latest educational technology.


Develop character, uncover personal gifts, and create genuine relationships with others as you learn about yourself.


Learn critical thinking and powerful communication skills through Socratic discussions on topics from heroes to history to self-governance.

Daily Schedule

Each day is broken up into work sprints with a shared purpose or goal.

8:30 Drop-off / Free Time

9:10 Daily Launch (Socratic Discussion)

9:05 Core Skills

Goal setting, math, reading, spelling, Montessori work, and "Brain Breaks" throughout

11:30 Lunch / Free Time

1:00 D.E.A.R Drop Everything And Read

1:30 Spark Play

Hands-on work, team-based challenges, science, art, music, gym, manipulatives, dramatic play, and more outdoor time.

2:45 Studio Maintenance

3:00 Closing Group (Socratic Discussion)

03:15 Pick-up

The schedule is flexible to accommodate different learning needs. Students can rearrange work blocks and choose from a variety of work options based on personal goals, passions, and commitments.

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