For ages 15-18 (Coming 2025)

Would you prefer a traditional high school or the adventure of a lifetime?

Launchpad (high school) is where learners prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, whether the next step is a selective college, launching their own business or a first job at SpaceX or Google.

Hear about Acton from this video made by Launchpad heroes.

Launchpad heroes

  • Prepare for the real world through challenging apprenticeships, interviews with industry leaders, and deep reflection of how your gifts and passions align with a need in the world.

  • Read deep literature; communicate clearly and powerfully; and tackle real world computational challenges.

  • Wrestle with timeless moral dilemmas through Socratic discussions in Civilization and through studio governance.

  • Dive deeply into college level biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, finance and psychology through immersive quests and public exhibitions.

  • Serve in leadership roles in lower studios, their community, and around the world in the Acton Network.

Would you rather attend Stanford or launch the next Google or SpaceX?

​Your accomplishments will be showcased in a series of badges that will dazzle admissions officers at top notch universities or convince employees, partners and investors to join forces in a world changing start up.

Personalized experts to coach you

What are you passionate about? Launchpad offers you the opportunity to discover mentors like the individuals noted below in dozens of fields. Get coached by a world-class athlete, or learn about AI from an expert. Surround yourself with world-class entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and heroes in the field you're passionate about.


Ronnie & Meghan Esposito

Innovation & Communication


Brian Hess



Geoff Baum

Software and Big Data


Justin Jones

Podcasting & Advertising


Caysen O'Keefe

Disruptive Education

Rethink High School

Launchpad students get ready for real-world success by gaining valuable skills, mastering them through apprenticeships, and launching real startups, businesses, and projects.

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