Laura Sandefer

March 22, 2019

It seems silly to say. We all know our #1 job as parents is to love our children. We do love them. It’s as natural as breathing.

But are we living our lives so our children feel this love in their bones? Are we creating a home that is our children’s favorite place to be? Are we building hearts and spirits strong enough so we are no longer needed? Are we loving them well today?

Here are 10 little ideas that communicate love and respect. I thank Cyndi Hanes for her little book “2,002 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them” and how she helped me remember little things each day do matter.

1 Give a milk “toast” to your child at dinner.

2 Knock before entering your child’s room.

3 Remember that tears are healing. Let them flow when your child is sad.

4 Replace lectures with stories.

5 Apologize if you embarrass your child.

6 Have a suggestion box for your family.

7  When your child is talking, don’t interrupt.

8 Give yourself a time-out if you become angry, snippy or critical. Tell your child you will return when you feel better.

9 Never let a day go by without saying, “I love you” and sharing a hug.

10 Write your child a love letter with 50 things you love about her.

As Jane Austen said, “Ah! There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort.” What can you do today for your child to feel utterly comfortable upon walking in the door?

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